Rilawala Reflections

by Anura Gunasekera



The Unmasking of Yahapalanaya

A mere five weeks after it was installed, the much publicized sanctity of the Yahapalanaya government was sullied by the Central Bank Bond scandal. Accusations of complicity have been leveled against the then Governor of the CB, Arjuna Mahendran and,... Continue Reading →

The Deconstruction of a Supremacist

Notwithstanding his rise to ultimate  power as a politician in this country,  Mahinda Rajapaksa retains the mindset of  an uneducated peasant , in this instance  from Giruwapattuwa. Despite being one of the most shrewd, and one of the most successful ... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Independence Day Discourse 2015: A Response to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

The 2015 Independence Day celebration was invested with the dignity of understatement – a complete departure from the showmanship and bravura performances which characterized the previous events under the patronage of Mahinda Rajapaksa. In total contrast to the former President’s... Continue Reading →

Has Justice Been Served?

The new regime finally lost patience with the obdurate Mohan Peiris and used what appears to be a clumsy ploy – capitalising on a procedural infirmity in the dismissal of Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka — to restore legitimacy to the Ladyship... Continue Reading →

Requiem for a Supremacist

The presidential election is done and dusted and a new man sits in the chair, which the previous incumbent had converted to a throne. Sri Lanka now has a president instead of a king. What follows after? Assuming that there... Continue Reading →

Challenging a Supremacist

Months of speculation, political manoeuvring and gamesmanship have ended with Maithripala Sirisena emerging as the common presidential candidate. An implosion at the very centre of the UPFA has produced an unlikely challenge, to the incumbent’s self-assumed ownership of the most... Continue Reading →

Voice of an underclass

At the recent Provincial Council elections, despite allegations of organised intimidation leading up to election day, the voters of the North and the East delivered a silent yet unequivocal verdict on the conduct of governance in the areas liberated from... Continue Reading →

Impunity and Civic Irresponsibility

On the day of the recent elections, Duminda Silva, ruling party politician, with his entourage of armed official and unofficial enforcers, rampaged  through the streets of Kolonnawa, physically brutalizing and intimidating the opposition. Although the area had been heavily policed,... Continue Reading →

A Citizen’s Anguish

In the decade that I have been living in Hokandara there has been an exponential growth in the number of residences and vehicles using the Hokandara – Talawatugoda road, particularly in the morning and evening. The recent move of an... Continue Reading →

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