Rilawala Reflections

by Anura Gunasekera



The Big Match

In the beginning there was the Royal-Thomian .Then followed the others , pre-fixed as "Big" and identified by different colours, religious figures , fruits and thus invested with significance; "The Battle",of this , that and the other!!! But The Royal... Continue Reading →

Kumar Sangakkara- Cricket’s Finest Under-achiever?

This is a tribute to a genuine great of a great game who, notwithstanding the likely final achievements of others still playing, and those yet to play, will always be ranked as one of the finest to have graced the... Continue Reading →

What does a God do when he is out of work? Divinity in Pasture- A tribute to greatness

On 16th November 2013 Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar walked off the park , as an international cricketer for the last time. His team mates formed a guard of honour whilst the crowd chanted his name over and over again and Tendulkar’s... Continue Reading →

A Cricketing Flogging

On a dry surface in Paarl, which offered minimal assistance to bowlers, a South African batting line-up was rewarded, under a blazing sun, for both enterprise and discipline, with a competitive 300 runs. Just a few hours later, on the... Continue Reading →

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