Rilawala Reflections

by Anura Gunasekera



Why Do I Care?

Over the last couple of decades, particularly after Mahinda Rajapaksa first became president in, I have written intermittently in various daily and weekly papers, on matters of political interest or significance. At the outset I must declare firmly that I... Continue Reading →

” … and the winner wept as well…” Federer and his 20th major title

Was the 2018 Australian Open a greater tear-jerker than the other majors which preceded it? In the finals of major sporting events both tears of joy and of sorrow are not uncommon. Unlike in team events when both elation and... Continue Reading →

Tea and Opium – Liquid Jade and the Fruit of the Poppy

It is a singular irony that Tea, unarguably the most healthy beverage in the world next to water, should share a common history with Opium, the curse of Chinese society across several centuries; equally ironical is that China, the original... Continue Reading →

Rajan Yatawara – A Tribute

After visiting the house  yesterday to condole with the family and having met Rajan's son Rajiv-for the first time- i feel compelled to add to what has already been written by other friends/schoolmates/colleagues. Perhaps this is my tribute to Rajan's... Continue Reading →

Rajapaksa, Weeratunge, Palpita and the “Sil Redi” Shroud

About 2,600 years ago, Gautama Buddha, the first Buddhist thero and, unarguably, one of the noblest human beings to have trod the soil of this planet, following a vision derived from a spiritual awakening on conclusion of several difficult years... Continue Reading →

Tale of Duplicity, Heroism and Compassion – Neville Jayaweera’s “Vavuniya Diaries” – A Review

Civil servants are normally reputed to be staid pen-pushers, waiting for orders from above. Neville Jayaweera’s memoir gives the lie to that slur. In these "Diaries" we see a Civil Servant who is a far cry from that stereotype. Jayaweera... Continue Reading →

The ‘History of Ceylon Tea’ website, a Dilmah initiative

In 1866, when Scotsman James Taylor planted 19 acres of Field no. 7 on Loolecondera Estate, Hewaheta, with a few tea seedlings, he would not have dreamt that he was also sowing the seed for an economic and social revolution... Continue Reading →

Yahapalanaya 2017 –A Dismal Anniversary

The MP for Kurunegala, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has announced a wish, intent and threat, a three-in-one package for the New Year. Perhaps it is also a resolution; that is to topple the existing Sirisena/Wickramasinghe coalition and to establish a new government... Continue Reading →

The Dethroning of a Supremacist

This article is a sequel to “Challenging a Supremacist”, the Sunday Times 14.12.2014. On January 9, in a simple, hastily arranged ceremony a simple, unpretentious man was sworn in as the sixth President of Sri Lanka. There could have been... Continue Reading →

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