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Tale of Duplicity, Heroism and Compassion – Neville Jayaweera’s “Vavuniya Diaries” – A Review

Civil servants are normally reputed to be staid pen-pushers, waiting for orders from above. Neville Jayaweera’s memoir gives the lie to that slur. In these "Diaries" we see a Civil Servant who is a far cry from that stereotype. Jayaweera... Continue Reading →

God’s Secret Agent–A Battle Against Dark Forces A Story of Sorcery, Witchcraft and Exorcism

At the recent launching of the book, at the beautiful Mirissa Hills boutique hotel, Dr. A.G.N. de Silva, an eminent obstetrician and class-mate of the author at St. Thomas’, Mt. Lavinia, delivered the key-note address. He described his old friend,... Continue Reading →

” Usaviya Nihandayi ” – Or the Cancer Within

A landmark documentary, possibly the first of its kind with its meticulous adherence to the truth, an unspeakably aberrant aspect of the judiciary. It was finally screened , notwithstanding the vigorous attempts to prevent it, by Lenin Ratnayake - alias... Continue Reading →

Vivid description of a time gone by for the insider and outsider

Are versatility and excellence in a wide spectrum of disparate fields, reinforced by uncommon attributes and a multiplicity of skills, a hallmark of genius? Surely, readers of “Memoirs of a Thomian” will be able to render a balanced judgment. This... Continue Reading →

Jaffna “Exorcising the Past and Holding the Vision”

An autobiographical reflection by Neville Jayaweera Reviewed by Anura Gunasekera To an older generation of Sri Lankans the name Neville Jayaweera would need no introduction. Most of those who will ultimately read this book, would do so, not so much... Continue Reading →

‘The Suicide Club’ by Herman Gunaratne: An Insider’s View

Recently, on a rain-drenched weekday evening, several hundred people from varied walks of life, braved both the unforgiving Colombo traffic and the near certainty of being marooned by flood waters, to congregate in a converted warehouse in the seedy heart... Continue Reading →

ABA –An Alternative Perspective – A Response

It is necessary to respond to certain aspects of Bandula Silva’s (BS) commentary on my above article. At the outset itself let me say that for the greater part of his commentary, despite the lengthy and wide ranging dissertations, BS... Continue Reading →

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