Rilawala Reflections

by Anura Gunasekera



On Becoming a Thomian

Recently, Divesh Alek Gunasekera, not quite six years of age, dressed in the regulation blue shorts and white shirt, walked in through the gates of S. Thomas’ , Mt. Lavinia, and thus became a Thomian. His maternal grandfather Chamlal, paternal... Continue Reading →

An Unprincipled Quest – for Multiple Destinations and Unconscionable Profits – Ombudsman

Recently, my wife and I participated in a "Grand Tour of Europe ", arranged by a well known local travel company. The programme commenced with a flight from Colombo to Paris, from where we travelled by coach to a series... Continue Reading →

‘The Suicide Club’ by Herman Gunaratne: An Insider’s View

Recently, on a rain-drenched weekday evening, several hundred people from varied walks of life, braved both the unforgiving Colombo traffic and the near certainty of being marooned by flood waters, to congregate in a converted warehouse in the seedy heart... Continue Reading →

Ralston Tissera – A Tribute

Ralston, who passed away very recently, demands appreciation if not comment, on account of his unique individuality. Mourned he would have been, by his many friends and relatives but it does not seem right that a man such as he... Continue Reading →

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